Sunday, 7 June 2015

Top 5 Makeup Regrets

Hey loves,

Most of us have some makeup items that we either regularly forget about, simply don't love any more, or they didn't live up to their hype.

Here's my top 5 makeup regrets:

1. Smashbox Full Exposure Palette.

When it first came out I was desperate to pick it up, as I loved the idea of having an even mixture of matte and shimmery shadows in neutral shades. Unfortunately for me, this palette didn't deliver, the shadows are very chalky, and both matte and shimmery shades are not very pigmented. I tried various primers on my lids, but was disappointed all the same. Months later, it still sits at the back of my eyeshadow drawer, and I can't see it making an appearance anytime soon! Sadly, it's a NO from me..

2. Benefit Majorette Cream blush

I'm a sucker for a pretty packaging, and this one attracted me straight away. It's so pretty, but I don't love it. It dries far too quickly, making it hard to blend. Also, the bulky packaging is not travel-friendly.

3. Too many Mascaras

No, this doesn't mean that I don't use mascaras - I love them so much that I keep buying new ones... My mascara stash is so big that I keep forgetting what I have, and I seem to gravitate more towards the newest one. At the moment, I'm loving the YSL Babydoll mascara.

4. Coloured Eye pencils

A complete waste for me. They are so colourful and pretty, and I do have a lot of them. But due to being very lazy, I tend to use my eyeshadows for a pop of colour! Black Kohl liners are a MUST though!

5. Mac Full coverage foundation

Creamy full coverage foundation sounds good for the days when your skin looks dreadful, but in reality this product is far too heavy! It clings to my dry patches, and slides off my oily T-zone. Medium coverage foundations are much better. I use a colour corrector and concealer for those nasty pimples.

What are your makeup regrets?

Anna x

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