Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Benefit They Are Real | Push Up Liner

Hey gorgeous,

this is totally not like me. I've waited and waited before finally deciding to buy the Push Up Liner by Benefit. In my mind you shouldn't need a particular "type" of liner pen to achieve the perfect result. If you think that you're not that great at applying your eyeliner, perhaps watching few tutorials on YouTube and LOTS of practice will do your skills more good and save you some pennies. However, my curiosity took over and I just had to find out for myself what all the fuss is about with this Push Up Liner.

When it finally arrived, I was very eager to rip the packaging open and see for myself how this would work. I have heard that the product is very thick and dries fast, so I was prepared to work fast.

First, I thought that my liner is broken, as I had to twist it at least 20 times before any product actually appeared. I guess it's something to be expected with all "twisty" products. The consistency is super thick, so you really do have to be very quick or you will be dragging the product back and forth, and it will start to flake. I couldn't quite figure out how many times I need to twist in order to dispense just enough product. One time is not quite enough (depending on the thickness of the line you would like to achieve and length of the flick), two times is almost too much to be "squeezed" out at once. So you will probably have to play about before you figure out this one. 

The tip on this pen is slanted, and is has a rubbery finish which I personally don't like, as the product is so thick and it's way too easy to move it out of place. Also the consistency makes it hard to achieve an even line. Mine looks like a result of ECG unless I stretch my eyelid sideways. 

The fab thing that I love about this product is that when you eventually get it perfect, it will stay there for a LONG time. Literally. I struggled to remove it even using my beloved Bioderma Micellar water and face wash. Next morning I still looked like I had a very faded "print" of the eyeliner on my eyes.

Make sure to replace the orange tip thingy, otherwise the gel-like liner will dry out even faster making it unusable.

-jet black
-long lasting
-slanted tip applicator

-rubbery tip
-too thick and dries too fast
-impossible to predict how much product will be dispensed with each twist
-pricey considering the tiny amount inside it

If you are only starting out with makeup, you may want to look elsewhere, as you have to work fast in order to get the best out of this product. Felt tip eyeliners would make a great alternative. If you have sensitive skin around eyes or tiny fine lines on your lids, you will struggle to achieve a perfect straight line without stretching out the lid which, for some people, may cause irritation and discomfort. You will struggle to produce a very fine line as the applicator tip is quite thick/wide. If your makeup skills are quite advanced, then I suggest you give this product a go, as once you get the hang of it, it gives you a fab jet black line. I will not be repurchasing this product, as I think the gel liners in a pot (my current favourite - Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner) along with side a fine liner brush (for example, MAC 208 or MAC 210) will allow you to create a wider variety of looks.

Have you tried this liner? What do you think?

Until next time,
Anna x

Monday, 29 September 2014

The OLBA Award

Hey beauties! 

In the last few days I have been nominated TWICE for the One Lovely Blog Award. I would like to thank the lovely Megan from Room WIth A Bloom and gorgeous Ayesha from Thoughts of Glitter for nominating me. I love these kinda posts as they help you get to know your favourite bloggers better.

So, here are the rules of the OLBA Award:

1. You must thank the person nominating you and have a link back to their post

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Nominate up to 15 bloggers that you admire

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know they've been nominated

Sounds good to me so let's begin :)

1. I have a super-cute pomeranian dog called Princess Lily. She's my best friend and that's how I roll.
Princess Lily - sleepy girl
2. I have a degree in law. Yup, law and makeup doesn't really go together but changing career was the best decision I have ever made.
3. I have zero patience. Literally. Queuing at the till,  being placed on hold on telephone or waiting for internet page to load is my worst nightmare.
4. I love binge-watching TV series rather than watching them as they come out on TV. Did I mention that I'm very impatient (see No.4)? For example, I watched all seasons of Breaking Bad in 2 weeks; Prison Break series only took me 5 days...)
5.  I'm lazy. Most of the time. I love being organised but sometimes I can't be bothered to do it.
6. I live, breath and dream about makeup. If I'm not at work painting faces, I would write about it in my blog. If I don't blog - I watch YouTube videos about makeup as well as watch countless tutorials (you never stop learning!). When I'm out shopping - I will always buy at least one item of makeup. (It's for my kit, you know....)
7. Impulse-buys is something that happens to me very often. However I'm very careful with my money. Odd I know.

My Nominations: 

1. Katie from www.katiewrites.co.uk
2. Carmen from www.paintpowderandpolish.com 
3. Paisley-May from www.paisleymaysays.wordpress.com
and everyone else who would like to take part!
Make sure to send me your links as I can't wait to find out more about YOU!  
Until next time,
Anna x

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pigments by Makeup Geek | Review

Makeup Geek Pigments: Liquid Gold & Utopia review by www.madeupaboutcurls.com
L-R: Makeup Geek Liquid Gold & Utopia

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

Finally, I have given in to this Makeup Geek craze and ordered some goodies from the company that pretty much every single vlogger and most bloggers have spoken about. To be honest, I love the look of most of their pigments and eyeshadows so choosing just a few was so damn hard.. 

I will be doing a separate review on the Makeup Geek eyeshadows as it is a totally different story and with 15 eyeshadows to review, this would be one very long post.

So, pigments. I bought two that seemed the most appealing to me.

Makeup Geek Pigments: Liquid Gold & Utopia review by www.madeupaboutcurls.com
L-R: Makeup Geek & Utopia
First one - Utopia. A duo-chrome glitter pigment, which consists of deep browns and antique gold shimmer. It can be used alone and patted over a base for a soft shimmery effect, or with a mixing medium for a more alluring look. Unfortunately, this pigment is VERY chunky! Well certainly the one I received was. You can pretty much forget about using it on its own as it would never adhere to your lid properly. I'm actually not sure why this is even sold as a pigment as you certainly need a very sticky base or a glitter glue for it to stick to. Otherwise, you will end up with this pigment all over your cheeks. When used with an eyeshadow base, it is a very pretty colour indeed, perfect for special occasions or a night out.

The second pigment I purchased - Liquid Gold. Now this is a good one! The pigmentation is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Even a light touch will give you fab colour pay off, but if used wet or over an eyeshadow base you will be able to produce a beautiful metalic finish. The colour itself is also lovely. It is not your ordinary "gold". It's almost borderline lime-silver-gold-olive depending on how the light hits it. Words can't describe how happy I am with it. I will definitely be doing more research on Makeup Geek pigments in the hope that the next one I will get will be like the liquid Gold in terms of how finelly milled it is and how pigmented and rich the formula is. Just make sure to use a tiny bit at a time! 
Makeup Geek Pigments: Liquid Gold & Utopia review by www.madeupaboutcurls.com

Pigments being pigments, you may want to either use something like Shadow Shields to avoid any mess or simply apply makeup to your eyes before doing the rest of your face.

What's your favourite Makeup Geek pigment?
Anna x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Too Faced Cat Eye Palette review

Too Faced Cat Eye Palette by www.madeupaboutcurls.com

Meow beauties,

over the last few weeks I read and watched numerous reviews of the Cat Eye palette by Too Faced. As a proud owner of other Too Faced palettes, I decided  to give this one a shot. I wasn't impressed with the £35 price tag given that the packaging actually looks smaller than, for example, their Romantic Eye palette. Also, it is a metallic casing like the Chocolate Bar palette, but I guess it's more of a bonus, as this means it wouldn't get squashed in your luggage.

Too Faced Cat Eye Palette by www.madeupaboutcurls.com

The design of the palette is very cute; leopard print is one of my favourite patterns. There's a total of nine very pigmented eyeshadows with three large, pale colours and the 6 smaller shades. Three of the smaller colours can also be used wet, which is great, as you can easily use them as eyeliner.

When I first swatched them, I was totally smitten and in love. However upon the first use on my eyes, I realised that some of them are unfortunately quite chalky and prone to produce quite a bit of fall out.
Too Faced Cat Eye Palette by www.madeupaboutcurls.com

At first glance, Kitten is my favourite shade. It is a cool-toned pale pink shade which is very finely milled. It's great all over the lid or in the inner corner of the eye. It did have a little fall out, but it lasted well on my eyes (I used the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and Skindinavia Finishing spray that day).

Meow and Purr are the other 2 larger light shades. Purr is a very light beige shade with slightly frosted finish. The shimmer is subtle enough to be used for highlighting underneath the brow bone or in the inner corners of the eyes. Meow is a neutral pale beige shade with a matte finish. Perfect for an all-over-the-lid colour which will create a perfect shade for blending.

Too Faced Cat Eye Palette by www.madeupaboutcurls.com

Tiger’s Eye is a medium dark brown with copper tones. It also has quite frosty finish, but unfortunately this colour is not unique and most neutral or warm palettes would have a similar shade. The fallout was quite annoying but it lasted very well. To be honest, I can see myself reaching out for my MAC eyeshadow in the shade Mulch which is very similar but lot less chalky.

Leopard is a darker warm-toned brown with lovely gold sparkles. In the past, I had a negative experience with similar eyeshadow from Inglot where the sparkles looked beautiful when I first bought it but none of them actually transferred into the eye giving quite a matte finish which was quite annoying. Anyway, the Leopard was also very pigmented being more so when used wet. When used dry, I had some fallout yet again.

Too Faced Cat Eye Palette by www.madeupaboutcurls.com

Pussy Cat is a beautiful lavender / purple shimmery shade. The texture is nice and soft but you do need to have a primer or cream eyeshadow underneath it in order to achieve similar colour on your lid as it is in the pan.

Jungle love is a deep purple / aubergine colour with specks of glitter in it. I managed to build up a decent colour depth using it dry, but it also makes beautiful eyeliner shade. It lasted perfectly all day with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer underneath.

Kitty Glitter is a very shimmery silver shade with what looks like a very slight pale blue-ish undertone. It's very chalky and you need to build it up a lot to achieve the richer silver shade. It's great for adding a touch of sparkle in your inner corner. Also, on me it faded after few hours.

Panther is the black matte shade which is quite intense and doesn't look grey like some cheaper alternatives. It lasts very well and, if used wet, makes a decent enough eyeliner.

Makeup Look using Too Faced Cat Eye Palette by www.madeupaboutcurls.com
Makeup look created using the Cat Eye palette by Too Faced
Overall, I'm happy with this palette and I use it a lot. If you are a newbie at makeup, there are 3 step-by-step eye looks included that you could recreate. The good quality mirror is also very handy.

Well done Too Faced, another job well done! And how cute are those eyeshadow names?!

Until next time,
Anna x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Life as a Blonde: Silverising / Purple shampoo

Life as a blonde is not an easy one. Besides being very high maintenance in terms of regular root touch-ups, we also have to think about maintaining that beautiful pale / platinum blonde shade.
Today I wanted to talk about a number of purple shampoos, some of which are great at keeping those unwanted yellow tones at bay.

My current favourite is Touch of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo. I use it every other wash and it really makes a huge difference between my root touch-ups and toning every 4 weeks. The 150ml bottle, although small, retails at around £3.50, and will last you quite a while as you only need a small amount. It doesn't really have a distinctive fragrance, the consistency is quite runny, and it takes a little while to lather up. Give it a go, as you wouldn't regret it!

Touch of SIlver shampoo

My other favourite purple shampoo is Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo. Besides doing what it is supposed to do, it smells absolutely divine! I'm a sucker for all fruity and sweet smells and this shampoo has exactly that aroma. I have a large 750ml bottle with a very convenient pump. This shampoo doesn't have quite as fast acting results, but with regular use it definitely helps combat the brassy tones in blonde hair. It is a little on a pricey side at around £15 for the big bottle, but given that it is not intended for a daily use, it will actually last you quite a while.

Tigi Catwalk Fashionista purple shampoo

Another purple shampoo that I have, but use very rarely, is Rusk Sensories Bright Chamomile and Lavender Brightening Shampoo. There isn't very much that I like about this purple shampoo. It doesn't seem to do very much for my hair at all. Even leaving it on my hair for up to 15 minutes at a time didn't do very much to brighten and freshen up the blonde. You can buy a 400ml bottle for around £12. In terms of fragrance, it's not my cup of tea either, but it's not unbearable. It sort of reminds me of my granny's fragrance, and actually a lot of my older clients like it to brighten up their salt and pepper hair!
Rusk bright shampoo

A few weeks ago I finished using Osmo Colour Mission Silvering Shampoo Revitalises Dull and Lacklustre Hair Colour. It retails for around £7.50 for 280ml bottle. The consistency is somewhat thick, but it made absolutely zero difference to my hair.

Osmo Silverising Shampoo (Image taken from www.bellezo.com)

What is your Number one purple shampoo?

Until next time,
Anna x

Friday, 19 September 2014

Home, beauty and MAC makeup Haul

Hey beauties!

Last weekend I went for a casual browse down town and somehow ended up picking up few bits and bobs, as you do! :)

Firstly, I picked up a new throw for my couch in a  lovely duck egg colour which I love! You can see it on the background of the main picture on this blog post. I like having throws on my couches as it makes me feel cozy on the dark Autumn nights, as well as protect my new furniture from my dog's and cat's fur!

Another thing that I spotted in Dunelm Mill was a beautiful dusky pink lace storage box - perfect for all my false lashes and lash accessories. I might pick few more of these for other small beauty items. They just look so lovely!

I randomly came across these super cute air fresheners too at Dunelm. My eye was caught by the one with a cute kitty which is in a cherry fragrance.. A bargain at £1.49, and my pink car now looks even cuter! :)

A vanilla candle was another purchase I made on Sunday. I'm a massive fan of Yankee Candles, but I usually burn them in my living room. However this little candle will be perfect for my hall or bathroom. It should last around 40 hours, which is not too bad for £2.99!

Next on my list was a visit to Lush. Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon was the first item that I picked up. It smells simply amazing! Definitely good enough to eat. I very much look forward to a lovely bath using this bubbleroon!

As I was walking past he fresh mask counter at Lush, it suddenly hit me that a few weeks back I've read an amazing review of the Cupcake mask. It smells of mint chocolate and looks good enough to eat so I picked this one up too. I can't wait to use it as recently my T-zone was super oily and this mask is supposed to help combating oily skin and breakouts.

The next 4 items I didn't actually pick up on the same day, as these arrived in the mail two days later, but I decided to include them in this mini haul rather than do a completely separate blog post.

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 lipstick and matching lipglass were the items I was lusting after as soon as these were announced some time back. Unfortunately, my nearest MAC store is some 100 miles away, so I normally order online (thank God we can now use our Mac Pro discount online too!). I was just in time to order the new Rihanna lip products before they were sold out on the website yeeey! These are so beautiful! The lipstick colour is not for everyone, with the lipglass being more wearable than the lipstick. So far I have only swatched it on my hand and you can build it as saturated or as subtle as you wish! The lipglass gives a totally different finish to the lipstick, and I would be very interested to find out how other glosses would change the appearance of this lipstick.

I also picked up MAC lip pencil in Nightmoth which is a really deep, dark wine burgundy with strong red undertones. Perfect for autumn and for using with my new MAC lipstick in the shade Sin, which is a sightly darker than MAC Diva lipstick, which is a beautiful deep burgundy tone. The Sin shade is a perfect deep cranberry colour for these darker days.

That's my shopping craving satisfied for a little while!
Until next time,
Anna x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Favourite Hair Products (September edition)

Hey beauties!

Recently I've been asked quite a few times what hair products I've been loving. As a hairdresser, I mostly use professional products and somewhat pass by hair products from the supermarkets and chemists. As a beauty box lover and a regular subscriber from time to time, I receive hair products that I would've otherwise totally ignored in the shops. Some of them I love, and some of them are, I'm sorry to say, a complete waste of money.

So here's my Top 5 Hair Products that I've been loving recently.

One of my absolute favourite products that I have re-purchased lots of times, and highly recommend it to lots of my clients with damaged and over-processed hair, is Loreal Absolute Repaid hair Masque. This has been my hair savior since I went totally blonde about 4 years ago. This masque is super rich and a little goes a long way. After shampooing your hair, apply the masque to middlengths and ends, leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse as normal. You can forget all about your detangling products! Your hair will be left silky smooth and a dream to brush! It will also be much easier to style, adding a healthy shine and radiance to your locks. Of course, there's no miracle products, so if your hair already has a lot of split ends, then ensure you have a good trim every 6 weeks or so.

My number two favourite product, which smells totally divine, is TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out Straightening Cream. Normally I'm not a big fan of straightening my hair as I prefer my hair curly, but this product makes me reach out for my straighteners more often for sure! I find that it doesn't weigh my hair down, doesn't make it look greasy and gives my hair a lovely shine. It helps me battle the dreaded frizz, enhances texture and helps my hair stay straighter for longer.

Professional Care by Wella Oil Reflections - it turns out that the fragrance of my hair products is very important to me. Here's another products that smells good enough to eat! This Wella oil is great for those of you whose hair is on the dry side, damaged and over-processed. This product is also super lightweight. I put it on my mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying my hair. It makes my hair super soft, easy to manage and everyone always comments how lovely my hair smells.

Product number four for me is Schwarzkopf Powderful Volumising Styling Powder. This dust is available from most chemists and supermarkets, but I much prefer it to the professional version and other professional brands. It really is so good! If your hair is limp, dull, or lacks texture and volume, then you have to give this styling dust a go! Instant volume, root bust and incredible hold is the least you can expect from this little guy. It would probably work best on shorter hair or a haircut with layers. It works in a similar way to a dry shampoo, but gives much better hold and significant volume without much effort to backcomb your hair, therefore less physical damage!

Last, but not least, I would like to mention my Redken Extreme Anti-Snap leave-in treatment that gently smooths the hair cuticle, reduces friction from brushing and helps fortify hair that's prone to breaking, splitting or snapping off. This product has been on the market for a while now.  I only recently discovered it, but I've been using it on a regular basis ever since. This is a great addition to my hair care routine, and in the last couple of months I have seen a definite improvement in my hair.

Until next time,
Anna x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Glossybox | September 2014

glossybox september 2014

Hello my lovelies,

thank you yet again for visiting my blog. It's that time of the month again, when all beauty box subscribers are receiving their surprise boxes. This time my postie has been super efficient and delivered my box within 2 days of dispatch, yippee!!

Firstly, the box itself is lovely, in a duck egg colour with a cute picture of London's skyline, featuring well-known buildings. The artwork has been designed by Karen Millen to tie in with London Fashion Week.

Although I consider myself hard to impress, I was very happy with my box this month.

The first thing that caught my eye was the new Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum by Origins. The description claims that in just two weeks, this anti-aging serum will help to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles. Luckily enough, the 15ml sample supplied should last precisely 2 weeks! Full size retails at £48 for a 30ml bottle, so sounds like we have received a good sized sample. I really look forward to trying this.

Another product that left me intrigued was SkinPep Enzyme and Acid Peel. The 7ml sample supplied is worth £6.10, with the full size bottle retailing at a whopping £89.99 for 180ml. This peeling gel uses pineapple and papaya extracts to exfoliate, soften and brighten the skin. As you know, I'm a sucker for sweet or fruity smelling products, so I definitely will be trying out this peel, although I'm not too sure if I would buy the full size given the hefty price tag. In addition to the skin peel, I have a 2ml eye cream sample worth £6.49 (Full size retails at £44.99 for 15ml). I don't really believe in using a product once and feeling the real benefits of it, so here I'm a little annoyed about the size of the sample. At the end of the day, I would like to be absolutely sure that it's worth paying £44.99 for an eye cream that is not very well known to me, and that I've hardly had a chance to try out. Bring on the bigger samples Glossybox!

Loreal's Mythic Oil is a product I have heard about a lot. I have seen it in Salon Services, but as you will know from my Hair Favourites blog post, I am currently using hair oil by Wella. The sample size is quite generous - 45ml worth around £5.74. This oil smells lovely, but not as good as my beloved Wella hair oil. I look forward to trying this out, and who knows, it may even make my next Hair Favourites blog post!

The next two products I am not overly crazy about.
Nails inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top coat. That's pretty much sums it up - it's a nail varnish that will give you matte finish when used over your nail varnish. For someone who doesn't really wear nail varnish as I LOVE my Gelish (gel-polish) nails, this product is pretty useless. Despite indicating on my Glossybox profile that I am not keen on receiving the nail varnish, from time to time I still get it. Hey ho, it's worth £12, so if anything, it will make a great stocking filler for someone who may actually use it! :)

ModelCO More Brows Fibre Gel is a full size product worth £14.95 for 3.5ml. Although Glossybox sent me a few of brow gel products in the past, the fibre gel is not something I have tried. I haven't used this product as yet, but if it is anything like fibre lashes, does this mean it will sort of give you brow extension look? It doesn't actually say that in the description leaflet btw lol. I'm not crazy about it, but will see how I get on using it. Currently I am totally obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade, and finish my brows using Kryolan clear eyebrow forming gel, which I'm very happy with.

That is it my lovelies, I look forward to trying out most of  this month's products and would love to know what you think about them too!

Until next time,
Anna x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

My (mostly) Makeup Wish List | September'14

Hello Beauties! We are well into September now, and for a change I wanted to talk about the makeup items that I'm currently lusting after.. I'm not one of those people who can patiently wait until Christmas hoping that Santa will be good to me this year. If I really want it - I will get it. The usual excuse / justification to myself - and my BF - is that it will be for my kit, and I have a MUA Pro card that means it is "cheap" lol. Unfortunately things like late release in UK and products that are not available in UK sometimes hold me back in getting something here and now (sad face).

My current WANT/NEED list consist of the following items:

Naked Basics 2 by Urban Decay - This is something I definitelly don't need, as it is a fairly basic palette and no doubt I have lots of dupes for it amongst all of my existing eyeshadows. However, the reviews I have seen so far from other bloggers are so good that I definitely think it will be a great basic every day palette, or something that I could use as base colours for more sophisticated looks using pigments etc.

Naturally Pretty eyeshadow palette by IT Cosmetics - why oh why this palette is only available in the US?!? :(  If that's not bad enough, you can't buy it from Sephora, which now ships internationally. It is on my Christmas wishlist, so my BF better do a good job of sourcing it, or Anna won't be a happy bunny! =D

Lipsticks by NARS - OMG these look so freaking amazingly pigmented and rich in colour that I've been thinking about getting a few of these for quite some time now. Even with my trade discount, these are quite pricey, even more so than my beloved MAC. I own quite a few products from NARS and I love most of them, so I'm sure these lippies won't be a disappointment. I'm hoping to pick few of those up when I'm in California next March.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows - these babies have been around for quite some time now. After watching countless reviews on YouTube, and many makeup artists raving about them, I have finally taken the plunge and placed my order on the Makeup Geek website. TBH, it's actually a lie.... I placed two orders two days apart, as the shadows are just sooooo good! Luckily, the Makeup Geek ship internationally at very affordable prices, so if you really want them - there's no excuse not to get them! Hopefully both of my orders will arrive very soon and a review will be posted on www.madeupaboutcurls.com shortly. =) A far as I know, Marlena (the owner of the Makeup Geek) is planning to open a store in Sacramento (California, US), and I hope that this will happen before my trip to San Francisco, as I would definitely visit and buy lots more shadows.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blushes - some of the Tarte products are available in UK via QVC and some other websites, but the shades are very limited. I don't trust eBay enough to buy "original" & overpriced products from there. You can buy the Tarte blushes from Sephora, but so far these haven't been on the top of my priority shopping list from Sephora, and I've decided to yet again wait until I'm in the US to pick up few of these babies. Although there are plenty of recommendations online, I prefer to swatch these myself to choose the unique shades that I don't have. It looks like the quality of the Tarte products is great, so I look forward to owning few of them.

Vice 3 Palette by Urban Decay - now this sounds like a totally "want" rather than need. In fact I'm pretty sure that I don't need it! Yet again, pretty packaging and colourful shade selection is so attractive. "This is for my makeup kit" sounds like a totally valid excuse for me this time. It was only in June 2014 that I picked up my Vice 2 Palette when I was down in London for IMATS. Although I had this palette for a few months now, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Some shades are great and some of them are totally a miss for me. So yet again - either my sense or desire will win in this situation. In my experience with makeup, desire usually wins...

Bath and Body Works candles - I so regret not picking any of these up when I visited Florida earlier this year. I was kinda worried that my luggage was already close to it's weight limit that I chickened out and only picked up some body spritzes and body lotions. To my horror, between our party of 3 we had more than 10kg still spare, and I still can't get over the fact that I could've bought a whole lot of beautiful stuff instead of fresh air. :/ As far as I've heard, the Bath and Body candles are absolutely amazing, and as a massive candle fan I feel like I need them in my life so bad! I think that candles make your home a lovely cozy environment to live in, because you surround you with aromas that you personally choose. My favourite fragrances are either sweet or fruity (current favourite is "Strawberries and Creammmmmmm"!) and with huge choice that Bath and Body has on offer, I would no doubt pick a few that would associate with my holiday & my birthday (I will be turning a big 3-0!).

That's it for just now beauties. Let me know what beauty products you are currently lusting after! :)

Until next time,
Anna x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hand Cream Heaven

How do I choose the hand cream that would suit me? Which one is the best? Is it worth investing in an expensive hand cream, or as long as your hands are moisturised you are fine with the cheaper one?
So many questions!! Today I will be reviewing 5 of the hand creams that I have been using in the last 6 months.

1. Hand Food Hydrating hand cream by Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory Hand Food
Soap & Glory Hand Food
I've discovered this product about 4 years ago, and since then it has become a huge favourite of mine. Everything about it is just perfect. Pink packaging (who doesn't like pink?), divine smell (Oh, the marshmallow!!!) and just perfect consistency is what every girl wants. I love that it doesn't give you that nasty tacky finish. It absorbs very quickly and keeps your hands smelling lovely until you next wash them. The impressive 125ml size is great, although not necessary purse-friendly. The price tag of £5.50 is rather good too, considering how much product you get.
Mark: 5 out of 5.

2. Crabtree and Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage moisturising hand cream

Crabtree & Evelyn Torocco Orange hand cream
I have the travel size (25g) version of this which cost £5. To me, this is rather pricy for the size, especially in comparison with the Hand Food by Soap and Glory. The good thing is, of course, the fragrance - I'm a sucker for all things fruity, so this is perfect smell for me. The consistency is slightly thicker than that of the Hand Food, but at the same time it feels slightly more hydrating. However it is slightly slower to absorb into your skin. This hand cream doesn't leave any silicone feeling on your hands. When the initial orangey smell wears off, you can clearly smell sage notes which I am not too keen on.
Mark: 4 out of 5.

3. Figs and Rouge Mango and Mandarin Shea Butter Hand Cream

Figs & Rouge hand cream
I received this hand cream in my August's Glossybox so I was excited to try it. The 20ml tube size retails at £3.95, which is quite pricey considering its tiny size. It is very similar to the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in terms of consistency, longevity of moisturising effect, and even fruity smell. This is a very handy size to pop in your purse, but not necessary something I would buy on a regular basis as it really wouldn't last that long. The fragrance is really lovely, but is somewhat artificial, so here the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream is definitely a winner as their fragrance smells much more natural.
Mark: 3 out of 5.

  4. Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream

Elemis is one of my favourite British skincare brands. Their products are amongst the very few that suits my skin type. I received this 20ml hand cream with one of my purchases of the Elemis Cleanser and Toner. I was very excited to try it, as I love all Elemis products (did I say I love Elemis?)! This size retails at around £6 making it the most expensive product in this post. This is a super-smooth hand cream, with a luxurious, silicon-free texture. It absorbs very quickly and instantly rejuvenates your hands as well as conditions your nails. This hand cream is fragranced with exquisite white flowers, and a blend of milk protein, avellana seed oil, rare anti-ageing omega 7, camellia, virgin plum and macadamia forms a silky barrier that locks in moisture. Your hands are left youthfully radiant and soft to the touch with no oily traces. It really is amazing, although I am not normally a big fan of flowery fragrances.
Mark: 4 out of 5.

5. Cocoa & Raspberry hand cream by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Cocoa & Raspberry hand cream
Yet again I received this hand cream in my Glossybox a few months back. The cocoa and raspberry combination sounds amazing, but I'm just not too sure if this is what this fragrance smells of. You can kind of sense the raspberry scent, but again - a very artificial one. The cocoa scent is definitely a far cry from that of the Bodyshop cocoa body butter. If I saw this product in the shop, I would probably buy it because of the deliciously sounding fragrance. The consistency of it is slightly thinner than the Elemis and Crabtree & Evelyn's, but the finish is hydrating, although it doesn't last as long as all of the other hand creams that I have mentioned before. Seemingly the 75ml size retails at around £1.95 so it really sums it all really. You truly do get what you pay for.
Mark: 2 out of 5.

Verdict: My favourite out of 5 definitely has to be the Hand Food by Soap and Glory. It has consistently delivered what it says on the packaging over and over again. I've repurchased this product the most times, and would highly recommend it to my friends and my readers hands down.

Unfortunately, my least favourite is the Cocoa & Raspberry hand cream by Yves Rocher. This is mostly down to the fragrance and the fact that my hands didn't feel moisturised for as long as when I was using all of the other hand creams. The size of it is still handy enough for your handbag, so it will stay there as an everyday on-the-go type of product rather than something I may want to use on the times when I have a proper pamper day with a lovely bubble bath, candles, glass of champagne and a  face mask...

What is your Holy Grail of hand creams? I would like to check it out!

Until next time,
Anna x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Makeup Tag

Recently I saw this tag quite a few times on other blogs and loved the idea so much that I thought I'd write about it too! So if you like it, feel free to tag yourself and make sure to send me your links so I can check them out too :)

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I was always fascinated by makeup. When I was as young as 6 I used to watch my mum putting makeup on and wishing I could do the same! Every now and then I would talk my mum into letting me play about with her makeup and, if I was lucky enough, she would let me put some mascara and blusher on. I would stand in front of the mirror for ages inspecting my complexion very carefully and wishing I could grow up already so I can wear makeup every single day. When I was around 14 I started using a little lipgloss. Silver shimmery eye pencil followed soon after but I never really started wearing a full face of makeup until quite a few years later.

2. How did you get into makeup?
This is something that always fascinated me. I always used to watch makeover shows, read about makeup in the magazines and browsing makeup counters for ages. I can't think of a particular day/event when I decided that I'm now into makeup lol.

3. What are some of your favourite brands?
I love MAC, Inglot and Urban Decay from High end and professional makeup brands. Drugstore brands that I browse every now and then are Maybelline, Rimmel and Loreal.

4. What does makeup mean to you?
Makeup is my passion, my work and my hobby all at once! So I guess I am one of those people who can say that even though it is my job - I don't feel like I'm working, it is so much fun!

5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?
I am obsessed with my eyebrows so it absolutely has to be Dip Brow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills (dark brown), MAC pro-longwear concealer (NC20), Illamasqua gel liner (black) and MAC lipstick in Peach Blossom. 

6. What is your favorite thing about makeup?
The artistic side of it; the ability to completely transform a person with the help of makeup and the sheer variety of looks that can be created using makeup.

7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs. high end makeup?
Most of my favourite products are from high end brands. However I do have some products that I love and which are available from a drugstore (like, Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo and black mascara by Jordana Cosmetics).

8. What is one tip of advice you can give a beginner?
Practice, practice and practice some more! It really depends what you are trying to achieve. If you just want to get better at doing your own makeup, make sure you try different looks and products to find what works for you. Follow some beauty bloggers and watch lots of YouTube tutorials. If makeup artistry is something that you would like to turn into your job, then do all of the above, plus invest in some good staple products that you could add to your kit. Practice on your mum, sister, gran, friends - anyone! The more faces you practice on, the better and easier it will get over time.

9. What is one makeup trend you never understood?
Drag makeup. Don't get me wrong, I am not against it or anyone who chooses to do it. In fact I think that sometimes it looks so cool. I just don't quite get why sometimes it have to exaggerate the makeup so much that it even looks "clown-y". So yeah, I admire the skill that people have but don't get why not recreate a proper look that a woman would actually wear? No I'm not into natural looks and I love smokey eyes, dark lips and enhanced eyebrows but at the same time it has to be wearable.

10. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I love watching YouTube videos and have a handful of beauty gurus that I follow on a regular basis. I won't necessarily copy their looks, but sometimes I get inspired to combine colours that maybe I have never combined before, or use tips and tricks for makeup application. I also watch a lot of product reviews.

Monday, 8 September 2014

MAC Novel Romance Goodies - First Impressions and Review

MAC Novel Romance collection
MAC Novel Romance collection
Oh MAC makeup I love you so much! But it's so annoying when a collection is out and by the time I'm ready to buy some goodies most of the best shades are already sold out! The same thing happened to me when A Novel Romance collection was released online.

Unfortunately, I only managed to get a few goodies that I already mentioned in my MAC Haul.
I bought an Amorous Adventure quad of eyeshadows (featuring such shades as Sable, Sex and the Oyster, Brawn & Black Tied), 2 electric cool eyeshadows in the shades Superwatt and Pure Flash and Mac lipgloss in Pure Fiction.

MAC An Amorous Adventure Quad
MAC An Amorous Adventure Quad

MAC Amorous Adventure Quad swatches / Novel Romance collection
MAC An Amorous Adventure Quad swatches
The eyeshadows are great basic shades and will allow you to create a variety of looks. The Brawn and Sable are lovely neutral shades for a day look, or you can spice it up with adding another two into the mix. Personally, I don't think that Sec and the Oyster has a great colour pay-off. It offers a wash of colour, rather than more pigmented coverage.
MAC Elecric Cool Eyeshadow swatches / Novel Romance collection
MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow swatches / Novel Romance collection
MAC's Elecric Cool Eyeshadows are completely a new product to me. I know that these were previously released by MAC as a part of another collection back in (I think) 2012, but somehow it has completely escaped my attention lol. The first of the two shades that I got was Pure Flash, which is a very subtle pale gold shimmer. It is not sticky enough to be used as a base for your shadows and perhaps too golden to be used as a highlight underneath your brow. So far I've used it in the inner corner to brighten up my eye and make them appear wider set (My eyes are fairly close set).

The other shade is Superwatt, which is a pale coppery shade. This is the one you could use all over your lid for a touch of colour during the day or for a lovely blend / half smokes for the evening look. If these were made permanent, I don't think I would be purchasing more. I much prefer a good eyeshadow primer with original MAC shadows. The colour pay off is much better, and you can choose the finish you would like, as I'm very much a matte eyeshadow girl.

MAC Pure Fiction Lipglass / Novel Romance collection
MAC Pure Fiction Lipglass / Novel Romance collection
MAC Pure Fiction is one of their lipglasses from the Novel Romance collection. This was definitely not my first choice of colour, as I already have a very similar gloss by NYX Cosmetics in the shade Merengue which is just a touch darker than MAC's lipglass. Unfortunately, all the other shades that I wanted were already sold out, so I opted for whatever was left (sad face).

Overall, not many shades are unique as such, so hopefully rather than knocking out collections with only a couple of new products, MAC will bring out something that is truly unique and interesting! In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the new MAC lipstick by Rhiana! Now this sounds interesting....

Do you own any of the products from this collection? What's is your favourite?
Until next time,
Anna x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Illamasqua Once Collection

It seemed like an eternity from when Illamasqua announced their "Once" collection and until it hit their online store. Everything about it is autumnal and beautiful: lots of browns, golds, coppers, pastel pinks and soft peach shades. I'm obsessed with makeup products for eyes and lips, so you can guess that this is exactly what I opted to get!

Illamasqua Vintage Metallix in the colour COURTIER
Illamasqua Vintage Metallix in the colour COURTIER
Firstly, I loved the beautiful packaging of Vintage Metallix cream eyeshadows and the Courtier shade seemed to be the one I would like the most. I was totally right! It's a dusky pinky-peach shade with tiny speckles of gold. Absolutely amazing as a base for your eyeshadows or a gorgeous wash of sparkle all over your eyelids. It's one of those shimmery products that would not necessarily give you a lot of colour, but would certainly give you a perfect base with a touch of gorgeous sparkle. The shadow is very creamy and can be applied with either your finger or an eyeshadow brush. The little pot it comes in reminds me of the precision gel liner packaging, but the rose gold screw top gives it a little more luxurious feel to it. The swatch picture doesn't actually do it justice, as the shimmery glitter particles can hardly be seen in the photo.

Illamasqua Vintage Metallix in the colour COURTIER
Illamasqua Vintage Metallix in the colour COURTIER
I also got 2 beautiful lip glosses in Opulent and Exquisite shades. The first one is a unique rainbow/beige colour with lots of rose-gold glitter speckles which actually feel a little gritty on your lips (nonetheless the colour is stunning!).

Illamasqua Sheer Ligloss in the shades OPULENT & EXQUISITE
L-R: Illamasqua Sheer Ligloss in the shades OPULENT and EXQUISITE
The Exquisite is a pink oyster shade which reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm lip gloss. Not as sheer as the Opulent and gives you lovely pinky glossy finish.

What's your favourite product from this collection?

Anna x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

August Favourites

August has been and gone, and over the last few weeks I've been enjoying a lot of new and old makeup products. Here's a round-up of what I have been loving in August.

As you may know, I'm totally obsessed with my eyebrows and can spend forever each day making sure they look good. My absolute favourite product of all time, and in August too, is Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia Beverley Hills in the shade Dark Brown. Although I am blonde, I like my brows to make a statement, preferring to make an accent on my eyes in most of my makeup looks.

The other product that I've been loving this month is Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask by the Lush. The lovely ladies at Lush recommended this product to me as I had a few breakouts recently, and this little pot is supposed to combat the spots, plus cleanse and cool the skin. Although the smell of it is not the best, as one of the ingredients is garlic. Other ingredients include kaolin, green grapes, free range eggs, honey, cornstarch, glycerine, tea tree oil, Limonene and perfume. I must admit that this little guy did clear up my skin and left it feeling clean and fresh.

My favourite #3 last month was a Yankee Candle with Fireside Treats fragrance. I love Yankee Candles, and this one has a sweet but not overpowering smell. The marshmallow aroma is simply gorgeous, with just a hint of the firewood. The fragrance fills in the whole house very quickly and lasts for ages! Definitely check it out if you are on a lookout for a beautiful housewarming candle!

In fourth place is Forbidden Fragrance Mist by Victoria Secret which I picked up in in my trip to Florida back in April. This is an incredibly sexy aroma combining the blend of exotic pear, amber wood and midnight blackberry. Love Love Love it so much! It reminds me of sun, ocean and holidays. Every time I spritz it on it makes me smile. Ahh lovely!

In 5th place is my Dior Addict lip-gloss in the shade 267 Nuit De Juin. It is quite sheer but a very glossy pale pink shimmer. Perfect for every day wear, or as a glossy top up for your nude or pink lipstick to visibly enhance your lips.

So that's my favourites for the month of August, what were you loving last month?

Anna x

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Autumn Tag

Recently I saw a few bloggers writing a post with an Autumn Tag, so I thought that it was about time  jump on this bandwagon too! It's such a good way to find out more about bloggers and how we cope with shorter days and weather even more rainy than usual. Although I love summer and sunshine, I must admit that I enjoy cozy nights in on the dark autumn days. Then there's Halloween and Christmas shopping, what's not to like?

So here we are, the #autumn tag:

1. Talking about coffee, what's your favourite drink from Costa, Starbucks, Cafe Nero etc?
At the moment I'm loving Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks, but from time to time I also get frozen yoghurt drinks and frapp├ęs.

2.Accessories: what do you prefer - scarves, boots, gloves, anything else?
The easiest thing to accessorize any outfit with is a scarf. I have a massive drawer full of them and I keep buying more every autumn! Woolen, silks, snoods - I have them all, and wear one pretty much every day in Autumn winter.
Boots and shoes are further options to accessorize, although not something I often have time to think about.

3. Music - what's your favourite tune / band / singer to listen to during Autumn months?
The only times I really think about what to listen to is during summer and at Christmas time! Autumn and Spring are sort of nondescript seasons. Summer music in Autumn is a little bit irritating because I miss the summer, and Christmas tunes are way too inappropriate, unless it's very late November. I have a wide selection of CDs in my car, ranging from Katy Perry to Linkin Park, so it depends on the mood rather than the season.

4. Perfume - what is your favourite perfume during Autumn?
I love perfumes, and have over 30 different bottles. I love each single one of them in a different way. I would probably go for something quite warm, musky and sweet. At the moment I am loving Ghost Eclipse and Viktor and Rolf BonBon.

5. Candles: what scent you will be burning this Autumn season?
I love candles and I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candles. I have a small collection and recently purchased the Berrylicious scent. It's lovely and sweet smell consists of ripe, juicy blueberries on a bed of creamy vanilla icing, and is the perfect dessert topping!

6. What do you love most about Autumn?
Long evenings, cozy socks and hot chocolate are my favourite things about autumn. Late autumn reminds me of Christmas too, which means one thing - PRESENTS!!!!

7. Favourite makeup look?
I love dark berry lipsticks but I also love smokey eyes. Lots of plum and warm brown shades and of course, extreme makeup for Halloween!

8. What are you looking forward the most in Autumn?
Well one thing I'm NOT looking forward to is walking my dog in the dark! I look forward to quite nights in, hearty meals and snuggling up with my BF while watching TV on long nights in.

Thanks to Fee from www.makeupsavvy.co.uk who featured this tag on her blog.
Feel free to use it on your blog, I would love to read your posts, so drop your links bellow and I will definitely check them out!

Anna x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette First Impressions and review

I'm already the proud owner of the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette which I love, and use it very often. So when the Maya Mia palette came out, I knew I had to get my hands on it too. Although I have a lot of the dupes for the shades featured in both of these palettes, the quality of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy eyeshadows are so impressive that I couldn't resist getting the Maya Mia one too.
Anastasia Beverly Hilla Maya Mia Palette

If you don't already know, this palette was designed in collaboration with the world-famous makeup artist Maya Janeska (Maya Mia).

The Packaging
Very similar to that of Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy palette in terms of the size and quality. Pretty, bright colours were used to design the box, which mirror the shades featured in the palette. I do prefer the Amrezy design, as I love the leopard print! The size of the palette is fairly reasonable, and will easily fit in your travel bag.

Anastasia Beverly Hilla Maya Mia Palette
The shade selection is lovely. We have  a nice selection of every-day neutral shades such as Caramel (already featured in the Amrezy palette), Warm Taupe, Glisten, Sienna and Fresh Peach - all perfect crease colours. Nude shade is great for an all over the lid colour to help other colours blend together. Aqua and Gold Bar are two brighter shades that could be used for a pop of colour or to brighten up your lower lash line. Vanilla is a great highlighter shade for underneath your brow and your inner corner. Deep Brown is great for adding depth the outer corner.

In the box you also get 5 "Get the Look" cards that give you tips on how to layer the shade to achieve a specific look. Very handy if you would like to experiment a little but are unsure where to start. A double-ended eyeshadow brush is also included, although it's not the best quality, as I prefer softer brushes for blending.

Overall I'm very happy with this palette, although I can't say I will be using it every day, simply because I like to change things about on a regular basis, and it isn't very often that I wear the same look 2 days in a row. 

Pros: Lightweight, portable, great neutral shades
Cons: Very similar to Amrezy palette, so I would only buy one of the two rather than both (unless you are a makeup junkie like me and you would happily own every makeup product ever released lol)

Do you own Maya Mia Palette? What do you think about it?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mega MAC Cosmetics Haul

I'm such a lucky girl working as a makeup artist and having the privilege to use my MAC Pro discount to buy makeup for work and personal use (perks of the job!).  Not long ago MAC introduced an online ordering option in UK for MAC Pro card holders so it is more tempting than ever to place a 'teensy' order for some MAC goodies.
MAC Cosmetics makeup haul

First of all, my main aim was to get some staple eyeshadows that I have heard so many bloggers and makeup artists rave about. I thought it was the right time to invest in these bad boys. I already have a massive stash of Urban Decay, Inglot and many other palettes as well as countless individual high end as well as High Street eyeshadows and pigments that I never felt that I needed to buy even more expensive dupes. Long story short, I bought the large Pro palette that houses 15 Pro palette refills. The shades I have purchased are: Satin Taupe, All that Glitters, Amber Lights, Antiqued, Mulch, Texture, Woodwinked, Haux, Expensive Pink, Nylon, Patina and Brown Script (which I had sent over to me from the US!) These eyeshadows are a great starting point for anyone who wants to dip their toes into MAC shadows but doesn't know where to begin. Besides, all of these shades will perfectly complement each other, as well as the other 4 MAC eyeshadows that I already have: Soft Brown, Swiss Chocolate, Saddle & Embark. Since I bought them I've been using them more than any other palettes, and although all these shades are neutral, there are endless looks that can be created using different combos of these eyeshadows.

Another MAC item that I have already featured in my My Top 5 lipsticks for AW14 is Pure Heroine Lipstick. This is a gorgeous dark plum shade which is perfect for this Autumn/Winter season.

I also picked up a few goodies from MAC's Novel Romance collection which has recently been released. I bought an Amorous Adventure quad of eyeshadows (featuring such shades as Sable, Sex and the Oyster, Brawn & Black Tied), 2 electric cool eyeshadows in the shades Superwatt and Pure Flash and Mac lipglass in Pure Fiction. I haven't yet tried any of the products from this collection so a full review will be coming soon. At the moment I am very intrigued to try the electric cool eyeshadows, as this product is totally new to me. The texture appears to be creamy and very glittery, but a quick swatch showed that although in the pot these shadows look amazing, it only offers a wash of colour rather than anything close to an opaque coverage.

I'm feeling rather overjoyed with all my MAC purchases, so lots of different looks will be coming to my Instagram page, so I would be flattered if you would check it out and give me a follow! :)

What's your favourite Mac eyeshadow shade that I should check it out?

Anna x

Monday, 1 September 2014

My top 5 Lipsticks for AW14

As much as I love summer, I'm delighted that autumn is finally here. This means I can wear my favourite dark lipsticks. Yeah!

I could probably include many more than the 5 that made my list, but as hard as it was, I managed to narrow it down to a select few.

Beauty Blogger www.madeupaboutcurls.com
L-R: Rimmel 107, MAC Pure Heroine, MAC Diva, MAC Rebel, Collection 01 Prohibition
In no particular order, these are my top berry lipstick picks (I just couldn't decide on the one favourite as I keep switching between these and I love all of them so much):

MAC Rebel - one of MAC's best sellers, and is definitely one of my all time favourite lipsticks. It can be described as a "mid-tone cream plum". It has a lovely satin finish and gives you a great  opaque coverage with little effort.

MAC Diva - is another great lipstick with a matte finish. The shade itself is a very rich burgundy/red which would suit many skin tones. Although this lipstick is not too drying on the lips, I do prefer to have them well exfoliated and moisturised for a more flawless finish.

MAC Pure Heroine - it was such a hard decision to choose between Pure Heroine and the Heroine as these are similar, but the darker colour won me over, and the Pure Heroine found its place in my autumn collection. This is a deep-plum shade with an amplified finish. To be honest, I expected it to be a little darker but I still love it. Make sure to use a lip pencil with this one for a more lasting effect.

MAC Pure Heroine lipstick
Here wearing Mac Pure Heroine
Collection Cosmetics Deluxe lipstick in the shade Prohibition - I have already reviewed this lipstick in one of my previous posts which you can check out here. This is a lovely cranberry shade, it doesn't dry out your lips. The consistency of it is quite creamy, so make sure you use a lipliner to outline and fill in your lips to prevent colour bleeding.

Rimmel 107 (Kate Moss collection) - this lippy has been my favourite shade for quite a while now. It is very similar to MAC Diva so if you are on a budget, then definitely check it out! This has a velvety matte finish and a very long lasting formula. The coverage is quite opaque and the formula is not as drying as MAC's retro matte shades.

What's your favourite shades for Autumn/Winter? Let me know and I will check them out, as the girl can't have too many lipsticks!

Anna x