Saturday, 30 August 2014

Maybelline Dare To Go Nude Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow Collection

Maybelline Dare To Go Nude Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow
TOP L-R: Stroke of Midnight, Caramel Cool, Beige-ing Beauty. BOTTOM: Pure Nude, Nude Compliment, Sleek & Spice
I love using cream eyeshadow as my base for eye makeup and I own a few Mac paint pots as well as pretty much every shade in the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo eyeshadow range. I think these are definitely great alternatives to the Mac paint pots, but at a fraction of a price.

Not long ago I came across a few posts by other bloggers talking about the Dare to Go Nude Collection by Maybelline featuring 6 limited edition 24 hour Colour Tattoo shades that was released in US in Spring 2014. I was lucky enough to get my hands on all 6 of the shades from one of the US eBay sellers (although very overpriced but well worth it!!). 

Maybelline Dare To Go Nude Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow
TOP L-R: Stroke of Midnight, Caramel Cool, Beige-ing Beauty. BOTTOM: Pure Nude, Nude Compliment, Sleek & Spice
I've had them now for around 3 weeks and been using them most days under my eyeshadows and I absolutely love them!! Unfortunately it appears that none of these will be added to the permanent line which is a shame really. All of the 6 shades are fab core shades that can be worn alone too for a day look. In my experience, the Maybelline 24 Colour Tattoo pots don't crease, however some reviews revealed that on some people they do crease. It could of course be due to very oily hooded lids.

Maybelline Dare To Go Nude Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow
TOP L-R: Stroke of Midnight, Caramel Cool, Beige-ing Beauty. BOTTOM: Pure Nude, Nude Compliment, Sleek & Spice
My favourite shades from this collection are Stroke of Midnight (the very dark one!) and Pure Nude (the very light one!) Personally, I would prefer at least some of the shades to be matte, but it's really not a problem if you are layering them up for, say, a smokey eye.
Stroke of Midnight was used as a base for this smokey eye look

Beige-ing Beauty was used as a base for this eye look

Do you own any of these pots? Which one is your favourite?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Olga - the beautiful bride from Ukraine

Another weekend is over and yet again I was very busy, this time styling Olga on her wedding day, as well as providing hair styling and makeup services for more of my lovely clients.

Olga and Kevin's wedding was a very small, family gathering, but everyone had a great time. 

Here's a small selection of the photos from my weekend. Hope you like it guys :)

Monday, 25 August 2014

Collection Cosmetics Deluxe Lipstick

Collection Cosmetics Deluxe Lipstick
Collection Cosmetics left to right: 02 Talullah and 01 Prohibition

As you may know by now, I simply can't resist being near a makeup counter without picking up a makeup item that I really need (read: can't resist buying). So a few days back, I was waiting for my prescription at Boots and couldn't help but wander off towards the makeup aisle to browse some random products.

Just the previous day I had watched Carli Bybel's video on YouTube from her Colour Series where she featured 'all things Cranberry'. So the obvious pick for me was something in the Cranberry shade! After realising that most of the lipsticks in the similar shade that are currently sold in Boots, and across many ranges, already have a place in my extensive collection. So I felt rather disappointed and was even tempted to pick up another Rimmel 107 from the Kate Moss collection which I already have.

Collection Cosmetics Deluxe Lipsticks
Collection Cosmetics left to right: 02 Talullah and 01 Prohibition
But to my delight, I happened to be near the Collection Cosmetics stand, and caught my eye on the lovely Deluxe Lipsticks which I hadn't seen before. Two shades out of five available appealed to me the most, and after swatching them, I was completely sold. The texture of these lipsticks is very creamy and has a velvety feel to it. Although it is probably too creamy to last a while without bleeding through the lip line, when used with a lip pencil, this lipstick is simply unbeatable in comparison to many other higher-end brands. The Deluxe Lipstick range is also enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, and have a lovely luxury feel to them.

Collection Cosmetics Deluxe Lipstick in the shade 01 Prohibition
Th first lippy I bought was in the shade 01 Prohibition - a lovely vintage cranberry / deep red shade. Perfect for autumn or if you, like me, can't resist a dark lip look at any time of the year! Pair it up with a darker lip pencil and you'll have an ombre lip. This shade reminds me of Rimmel's 107 (Kate Moss collection) which is a little more matte, and the MAC lipstick in the shade 'Sin', which is a little darker Cranberry shade.

Collection Cosmetics Deluxe Lipstick in the shade 02 Talullah
My second shade is 02 Talullah - another superb creamy consistency lipstick in a gorgeous pink shade. Very wearable for a day at the office when worn with a soft eye and lashings of mascara. You can easily pair it up with a dark smokey eye for a night out, as it could be subtle enough without overpowering the whole look. This shade also reminds me of the Urban Decay's lipstick in the shade 'Native', although the latter is slightly lighter and cooler toned. The consistency is also very similar.

At the moment these gorgeous lipsticks are £2.99 at Boots which I assume is a special offer, so be sure to check them out! You won't regret it given the superb quality and low price.

Have you tried these lipsticks? What's your favourite shade? Let me know in the comments below :)

Anna x

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Liebster Award Nomination

Wow I've been nominated for the Liebster award by Alisha from  This award is such a great way for the new bloggers to get more exposure for their new blog. I'm grateful for this opportunity so make sure you go check out Alisha's blog for all things beauty and much more!

The Liebster Award rules are as follows:
Post the award on your blog.
Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
Write 11 random facts about yourself.
Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 250 followers.
Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

So here goes 11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I am a fully qualified hairdresser and make-up artist
2. I am Russian
3. I am obsessed with my eyebrows and can spend forever perfecting them every morning.
4. I love going for a drive but I hate driving.
5. I have 7 tattoos and I would love to have more.
6. Favourite holiday destination - Florida, US (Orlando & Miami)
7. I have a black pomeranian called Lily and black cat called Lucy.
8. I prefer dark lipstick over light and nude shades.
9. I choose dresses over jeans & curls over straight hair
10. Favourite food - CHEESE!
11. I am obsessed with Yankee Candles.

11 Questions from Alisha:
1. What made you decide to start blogging?
I love writting and is not my first blog. Previously I used to blog over on my business website; however I decided to separate the two and make this blog my little hair and beauty corner. It would make me very happy if my readers find something useful in my posts.

2. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Has to be vanilla with strawberry sauce or mint chocolate.

3. If you could be any animal, which one would it be and why?
Definitely a cat. I'm very independent and love doing my own thing.

4. What is your favorite post you’ve done so far?
It's hard to pick just one. All posts about makeup and my new discoveries are definitely my favourites!

5. If you had $100 to spend on anything, what would it be?
MAC makeup. 

6. Describe what the perfect day would be for you.
A very lazy one! I would love to have a lie in, have breakfast in bed while catching up with my fave YouTube vloggers. Go for a drive, then cinema and a meal out with my fave baby girl.

7. What is your favorite quote/saying?
"Everything happens for a reason"
"My only competition is me yesterday"

8. What is you favourite movie?
Hard to pick just one movie.. I really like all Bridget Jones movies as well as Breaking Bad and True Blood series :)

9. If you had to choose one meal to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Cheese on toast.

10. What is your favorite past time?
Styling bridal hair and putting makeup on myself!

11.What content can readers expect to read about on your blog? 
Anything and everything  makeup, hair and beauty related as well as my adventures working at weddings, fashion shows and photoshoots.

I'm ever so grateful to Alisha for nominating me for the Liebster award and I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about me.
My nominees for The Liebster Award are the following:
Hazel from

My questions to the nominees are:
1. What made you decide to start blogging?
2. What or who inspires you the most?
3. How often do you blog?
4. Does your family and friends know about your blog?
5. What is your dream job?
6. Describe what the perfect day would be for you.
7. What is your favorite movie/TV series?
8. Favourite makeup brand?
9. Favourite dessert?
10. What is your most popular post to date?
11.What content can readers expect to read about on your blog?

Many thanks to Alisha for nominating me for this award. I hope other bloggers will enjoy writing for their Liebster Award post as much as I did :)
Thanks for reading. You can leave your comments and questions below.

Anna x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder review
If you know who Kim Kardashian is then no doubt you must've heard about the Ben Nye Banana powder. Her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic uses it to set Kim's under-eye makeup to create his world-famous contoured look and brighten that under-eye area.

I was thinking long and hard whether I should give in to the hype of this as I already own a lot of setting products in my makeup kit. However after visiting IMATS in London this year and realising that I missed out on this purchase, I just had to have it! Put it this way: it's not easy to find in UK, but I was lucky enough to purchase it from

I was under the impression that the shade is fairly yellow and would suit warmer skin tones, but that didn't put me off, since at that moment I was rather tanned and so were a lot of my clients.

When it arrived I did wonder what the heck!? It's SO yellow! In actual fact, it is translucent with just a hint of colour. Well, needless to say, I wasn't disappointed, and since June I have used it almost every single day. It's very finely milled, lightweight and has a silky-fine texture. The finish is a very natural matte, but it doesn't clog the pores like some similar products. I do find though, that the powder can end up anywhere, as the lid is so tiny and if you dispense it into your hand, it can become very messy.

I used to swear by my MAC Mineralize skin finish in Medium Plus, but to be honest, the Luxury Banana powder is much more lightweight which, of course, could be due to the fact that the Banana Powder is a loose type as opposed to the pressed MAC version.

I also purchased the Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent powder, which is completely clear when set, and therefore will not modify the colour of your foundation. However, I do find that on people with lack-lustre skin, it may make their skin appear even more grey. So in such cases you may want to consider the Ben Nye powder with a hint of colour. The special formula of this particular product controls perspiration, making this perfect for high-energy performers such as dancers.

Have you tried Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder too? What do you think of it?

Until next time,
Anna x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Spray tan-tastic

Sienna X Spray Tan
In this day and age having a gorgeous sun-kissed glow all year round is easier than ever! There are a huge amount of self-tanners on the market. However, sometimes it can be somewhat tricky to achieve an even, streak-free coverage at home by yourself. And what sort of acrobat do you need to be to reach every millimetre of your back with the tanning mitt? On the other hand, how not scare people with your pasty pins? Of course, the answer is right here – get a spray tan! Okay, it’s not exactly revolutionary, but a spray tan has an amazing way of making you look and feel ready for summer or provide you with that just-back-from-holiday look. Having a tanned body makes you instantly feel healthier and happier. 

If you’ve never had a spray tan then you will probably have quite a few questions, like… ‘will you turn TOWIE orange?’ or ‘will you have to get naked in front of a stranger?’
In this post I will try to explain what happens every step of the way when you get a spray tan. Personally I use Sienna X for myself and clients but I also love Vani-T and their Velocity rapid tan range.
So here are few things to consider before your spray tan:
  • Your therapist will advice you on the best solution strength for you and your skin type. For example, someone who is very pale and who very easily burns on the sun will not suit a dark 12% solution because it might potentially turn them orange! So listen to your therapist’s advice, they do know better as they have received their training with the brand they are using!
  • Exfoliate using your favourite body scrub and moisturise the night before the tan (not on the day of the tan), paying particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees, ankles and problem dry patches if you have any. The more dead/dry skin you remove prior to your tan the longer the tan will last and the more even it will come out.
  • Have your manicure and pedicure done before having a spray tan so that the varnish doesn’t smudge and you don’t have to use nail polish remover after your tan. Even better – book your Gelish manicure or pedicure instead of a regular varnish to have your nails instantly looking gorgeous and most importantly – instantly dry and smudge-free!
  • Wax/shave at least 24/48 hours prior to your spray tan. This allows the pores time to close and your skin to calm down. Otherwise the tan may collect inside the pores causing black dots that are very unsightly.
  • Don’t use deodorant, perfume and heavy creams/moisturisers prior to your tan. Potentially this may result in uneven finish, green streaks and patches.
During your spray tan:
  • Take off all your make-up and sparingly apply the barrier cream to dry areas as instructed by your therapist.
  • Remove all your jewellery and piercings *where possible* otherwise you may end up with pale patches in the shape of your ring or necklace (nice!).
  • Undress. You can wear a bikini, but remember that you will get lines wherever you are covered – i supply paper pants for my clients – and don’t be shy if you go topless, remember they have seen it all before!
  • The full body spray tan will take about 15 minutes and your therapist will tell you which way to turn and when, so relax!
After your spray tan:
  • Wear dark, loose clothing (or even PJs!) for after your treatment. Tight clothing or underwear may cause marks and patches.
  • Wear flip-flops or loose fitting shoes (no socks as the elastic band will cause marks).
  • Do not shower, bathe or go swimming for the duration of the tan development period (this will vary depending on the type of the tan you had.  Rapid tans develop in a couple of hours and the regular tan in around 8 hours after your tan).
  • Avoid exercise during the development period.
  • After every shower pat dry rather than rub – this will significantly prolong your tan.
  • Avoid taking long bubbly bathing sessions as this may affect the longevity of your tan causing it to fade.
I recommend that my clients let their tan develop overnight and shower in the morning. Sienna X doesn’t normally stain the bed sheets however if it does, it should come out in your regular wash. Make it a habit to use a moisturiser on a regular basis. I love my Bodyshop body butters however you can use whatever suits your skin or even a very gentle moisturiser with built in gradual tanner to make your tan last even longer.
On average, your spray tan will last around 7 days depending on how good care you take. When you notice that your tan is starting to fade, make sure to use the exfoliator every day to prepare your skin for your next Golden Goddess appointment! This is bar far the best way to achieve the sun-kissed glow without any health risks and long time commitment!!!

Until next time,
Anna x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Corioliss C3 Ultimate Straighteners review

Today I’m reviewing the Corioliss C3 Ultimate Straighteners. I purchased these about few months ago and by now I’ve used them on my own hair as well as on my lovely clients. I have straightened, curled, flicked-twisted the hair with these and so far I can honestly say the Corioliss C3 are definitely one of the best straighteners I have ever used!
Corioliss state that the C3 is the next generation of heat styler. The titanium technology is supposed to give the ultra-smooth plates effortless glide, while the pro variable temperature adjustment allows you to straighten, curl, flick and twist in one effortless pass. Well, let me tell you that this peace of kit definitely does what it says. I love the extra long floating plates which help create very sleek, effortless styles. The leopard print design took it to a whole new level for me – as I now have another item that perfectly fits in with all my pink and animal printed tools which many of my clients love. I always get comments on how colour co-ordinated i am. It’s so cool that Corioliss have combined superb quality with excellent design.
Another plus is that the temperature control which varies from 135 to 235 degrees C, which means these straighteners can be used on hair extensions, very fragile / fine hair and on very thick, unruly afro-carribean locks. The ergonomic, slimline design and 2.5m salon approved swivel cord mean that the iron is versatile, flexible and easy to use. The LED digital temperature display mean that you can take complete control of your styling and achieve sleek, glossy and versatile looks in the blink of an eye.
The Sleep Mode will come in handy too so you won’t have to worry whether you have switched off those straighteners – so that’s another tick in the box.
The Professional 360° Swivel Cord is great if trying to multitask while getting ready for a night out.
A cherry on the cake for me was the matching leopard print heat-resistant travel pouch.
So are these really so good? Well, as far as I can see these are definitely great! I would rate them 5 out of 5 for sure. One thing that annoys me though, is the position of the buttons which is one the side of the straighteners and sometimes (especially when you curl the hair) you can accidently switch them off when turning the plates round. Brilliant results outweigh the unfortunate minor design flow but i’m sure this is something that Coriloiss may address in their next generation of straighteners. So my GHD’s can now gracefully retire…

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Too Faced Makeup is Just Too Good!

Hey beauties!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite make-up products from the Too Faced makeup brand. In a nutshell I am absolutely in love with these products, and they have been my faves for a while as they are just so good!

So first of all, product number one is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye-shadow palette.  I love how versatile this palette is, and best of all, the eye-shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder. There are 16 matte and shimmer neutral shades that are amazing for creating neutral everyday makeup looks, and even more sophisticated evening looks too.
My personal favourite shade is Black Forest Truffle which is a burgundy brown shade with burgundy and bronze shimmer sparkle through it. I’m currently loving all coppery and bronze shades, so yeah this was a no-brainer for me. It comes in at a costly £45. I guess there are other nude eye-shadow palettes at a cheaper price, but for me personally this palette is a current favourite for a number of reasons:
1.  Colour pay-off is fantastic, and when used with eye primer, the eye-shadows easily last 8-9 hours without any touch-ups.
2.  The chocolate smell is simply irresistible!
3.  This palette will easily allow you to transform your look from day to night!
4.  It’s reasonably compact and so would travel well on holiday with you!
Product number two is Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. Truthfully, I own over 20 different mascaras from high-end brands down to the High Street brands, and so far this is my absolute favourite! The packaging is super cute, although slightly bulky for the 8ml of product, but the gorgeous pale pink colour and metallic finish of the tube is so beautiful!

The mascara itself really does transform your lashes! Personally I don’t have the longest lashes in the world, but even after 1 coat of the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, my lashes are visibly longer and fuller, but not clumpy. In fact, many of my clients ask me if I’m wearing false lashes!
This mascara costs £19, and at first I was a bit sceptical to pay that after being disappointed with expensive mascaras in the past, but this pink baby is definitely worth every penny! So far every client I used this on was so impressed with it that they went on to purchase it themselves. Definitely a winner for me!

And finally,  product number 3 is the Heart-shaped Sweetheart Blush by Too Faced in the Peach Beach shade. Now, I’m in two minds about this product. I absolutely love the heart-shaped box it comes in. It is so girly and sweet and will make a beautiful present for any girl, but at the same time the packaging is just too bulky to carry in your makeup bag. There are three lovely peachy-toned shades baked into one heart, so you can swirl the colours together and apply, or use more of one shade to custom flush or highlight.
Personally, I think this particular shade combination is for someone with a more fair complexion, as the colour doesn’t really build up that much. In my opinion, this would work better as a highlighter rather than blush, it is extremely pearly and shimmery, and if used on it’s own may make you look like a disco ball!  This product is definitely a no-no for those who suffer with breakouts, as it no doubt highlights the uneven surface and any raised blemishes. I paid £24 for this blusher, but truthfully I think it is slightly overpriced for what it does. However the amount of product is quite substantial and it will last you a very long time.

Thank you for dropping by and reading my reviews, and if you have any questions please get in touch as I will be happy to answer them.

Until next time,
Anna x

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Crabtree and Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Hand Therapy cream

A little while ago I took advantage of the Crabtree and Evelyn promotion that was running in my local Inverness store and exchanged my almost empty Bodyshop hand-cream for the FREE shiny new travel-size Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Hand Therapy cream  25g worth £5.00. They actually had two options to choose from on this particular promotion with another being Rosewater hand therapy cream in the same travel size. Personally I’m not a big fun of the heavy flowery smells so the Tarocco Orange option was a no-brainer for me.
  • The smell: very fresh, citrussy with slightly overpowering notes of sage which I’m not particularly keen on anyway.
  • Texture: very nice, rich, not too sticky, absorbs very quickly without a sticky residue or silicony feeling afterwards. Super hydrating, my hands now feel lovely and soft.
  • Packaging: very pretty, bright orange in colour, has a nice expensive feel about it, metallic finish,  unusual shape twisty top.
For something that I technically got for free I’m very impressed with all aspects of this hand-cream. However, the retail price of £5 for a travel size 25g is not something I would willingly part with in the future! The full size version (100g) comes at £15, and would make a lovely gift or Christmas Stocking filler for sure.

Until next time,
Anna x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Illuminating highlighters gleaming on your skin

Well the name of this post pretty much sums it all up! Today I wanted to talk about my favourite highlighting products that I own. For some of them I reach out often, and some of them spend more time in my make-up drawer than on my face.

Bobby Brown MAC Illamasqua highlighter

I'm not a big fan of liquid and cream products, and although I own some highlighters in cream form like Nars Orgasm Illuminator and SoSusan water-based Illuminator, I don't reach out for them as often as I do for powder products. Liquid/cream products are great for older and dehydrated skin as these would nourish the skin, won't emphasize the lines on your face and don't settle in pores.

So back to my favourites: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are definitely something that every make-up lover should own. Personally I have two - Pink Quartz and the limited edition Apricot (I was lucky to snap up the last one in John Lewis Edinburgh store!). The Shimmer Bricks are simply beautiful products. It is a brush-on powder that reflects radiance and light on skin and creates a very soft glow. You can build up as much or as little of highlight as you wish. The variety of shades available will suit everyone, however I feel that the two I have are so versatile that I don't think I will be buying any other ones from this range (never say never!).

My other all time favourite highlighter is Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Soft and Gentle by MAC. Words can't describe how gorgeous this product is. This is a luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. You can use it to add highlights to cheeks and brows, or to buff it on to add an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face. I reach out for this one most days and very often use it on my clients as the glow it creates is so natural and lightweight.

On this client I used Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle by MAC
Although many people are raving about Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora, I must admit this is not something I use very often. It's super lightweight and has champagne toned iridescent finish. Normally I would use it when I want a very lightweight coverage on my face using something like Beauty Balm by MAC. I would then apply the Aurora Gleam with my ring finger on the top of my cheekbone and around the outer corner of my eye in the "c" shape. It gives me a really glowing, natural finish. So if this is the look you normally go for, then you should seriously consider checking it out.

Baked Blush in Pinkstatic by ELF is another product you can easily use as a highlighter. To be honest this is not something I would personally use as a blush. It is way too shimmery and pale for that, but as a highlighter this is a lovely little number to have. Whether you want to highlight your brow bone or tops of your cheekbones - this is a lovely budget buy. A little too powdery for my liking, but given the price of £3.95, you can't go far wrong with it. Definitely check it out if you looking to update your make-up bag for school as it is just so affordable.

Here I used Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot
Bare Minerals Illuminating Mineral Veil claims to help reduce the shine and minimise the appearance of pores, as well as give your skin a healthy looking glow. It also supposed to give your make-up staying power a boost so you don't need to re-apply so often. In my opinion this sounds a little contradictory. It will minimise the shine but add the glow. I use mattifying primers and finishing powders so what I would look for this product to do is to add glow. It certainly does that. A lovely finely milled powder. Remember with this one that a little goes a long way. Not my favourite as I prefer such products in a pressed powder shape. This way I get a lot more control over the amount of product I am using and a lot less drop out so I don't end up looking like a shiny disco ball.

What is your favourite highlighter?

Until next time,
Anna x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Festival Make-up

Last weekend I was working at the Tartan Heart Festival - aka Belladrum - which was taking place in the Highlands of Scotland, near Inverness. These were a rather busy 3 days styling festival revelers. From hair to lashes to make-up, nails and feather hair extensions - we had it all covered. I personally couldn't resist a little bit of festival make-up myself so I came up with this look.

Bright orange lips using Illamasqua's Lip Liquid in Exotic which has a superb staying power and didn't budge even after many hours of laughing, eating and drinking (juice!)

On the eyes I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion as well as Inglot eyeshadows 613, 615, 326, 314 and the black eyeshadow from Full Exposure pallete by Smashbox Cosmetics to create the ultimate smokey eye but with slightly unusual colours totally appropriate for a festival!
Eyeliner is Precision Gel liner by Illamasqua.

Eyebrows  - Dip Brow in Dark Brown by Anastasia Beverley Hills (My absolute FAVE!!!)

Of course no look would be complete without party lashes!!

Let me know what you think and thank you for reading!

Until next time,

Monday, 11 August 2014

Beauly Bride

Last week I had a pleasure to work on 2 weddings. The first took place at the beautiful Erchless Castle, and you can read about it here. The second wedding of the week took place in the small town of Beauly in the Scottish Highlands. This time I was providing my make-up services to the stunning bride, her bridesmaids and the mother of the bride.

I love it when the bride lets her bridesmaids decide what makeup look they would prefer to go with, as sometimes despite the same dresses, the bridesmaids could have totally different styles and preferences. In this case, individual make-up needs were met, but were also adapted to go with the colour scheme, as well as complement the person's skin tone, eye colour and individual features.

The adorable 15 year-old bridesmaid, who normally wears a lot of eyeliner but hardly any colour on her eyes, let me create a very soft, natural look with a tiny pop of pink on her eyes and lips, but still keeping the signature eyeliner that she loves so much. As a result, we achieved a lovely feminine look which still looked very youthful and fresh.

The bride's mum and another bridesmaid opted for a softer, smokey-eye look which is ever so popular with my clients. For the bridesmaid's look I used 3 different shades of purple with the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette eyeshadows in Voodoo and Betrayal, Inglot eyeshadows, as well as Kiko loose eyeshadow in shade 06. We finished the look with the Ardell Double Up Lash Kit 204.
Mum prefered to have some rustic gold and brown shades in her eye makeup look, so I used Inglot eyeshadows finished with the Mac lipstick in the shade Taupe.

The bride chose to have something completely different, so I created a very soft vintage look. Perfect skin, well defined brows, just a touch of peachy eyeshadow, Eldora Lashes in the style H151 and Viva Glam Rihanna by MAC.

Once again I had a great time and I hope the now newlyweds enjoyed their day too!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and Subversion Lash Primer Review

Hey lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk about the Subversion Lash Primer and Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay. The packaging suggests that this mascara will create bigger, blacker and badder lashes. So far sounds good to me!
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Subversion Lash Primer

First impressions: nice and expensive feel to the packaging which contains the mascara itself and a sample size lash primer. Love the black and purple writing too, however it reminds me of my favourite mascara to date by Jordana Cosmetics which also has black and purple writing and a very similar tube & brush. The mascara itself appears to be very creamy and very black - pretty much what it says on the tin!

When it came to applying the Subversion lash primer I expected it to be something like Magnifibres Brush on False lashes but the consistency of the primer appears to be a very creamy white substance but certainly nothing like the fibres!

The mascara brush looks like it would certainly lengthen but not necessarily thicken the lashes. When it came to trying the mascara, it became very obvious that my rather sparse lashes will not get much volume even with the primer. I managed to build quite significant length with two coats of this mascara which was great.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Subversion Lash Primer

Verdict: although I may still opt for the false lashes when wearing this mascara with certain looks (like full smokes), for every day use it will give you just perfect amount of length to dress up your eyes. If you are blessed with the lovely full lashes, then this mascara is all you really need. However if your lashes are more like mine, then you may want to look elsewhere or complement this mascara with some falsies.

What I found to work for me is using this mascara with the Magnifibres Brush on False lashes that will give your lashes plenty of volume.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase although I will probably keep reaching out for my Best lash extreme volumising mascara by Jordana Cosmetics.

Have you tried this mascara? What were your first impressions?

Until next time,
Anna x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette review

Hey gorgeous, thank you for stopping by!

Over the last couple months a lot of make-up artists and bloggers around the world have been obsessing over something truly gorgeous. If you are into make-up as much as I am then I am sure you all know who @amrezy is (Amra Olevic). She is an amazing make-up artist who has recently partnered up with Anastasia Beverly Hills to gave the world the amazing Amrezy Palette! As soon as it was mentioned on twitter I knew I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, in UK it is not that easy to track it down. However I was lucky enough to find it on who stock a wide variety of Anastasia Beverly Hills products.
Anastasia Beverley Hills Amrezy Palette

Anastasia Beverley Hills Amrezy Palette Swatches
Top (L-R): Legend, Glisten, Topaz, Iridescent Purple, Emerald. Bottom: Vanilla, Caramel, Morocco, Deep Plum, LBD                                                                       
Anastasia Beverley Hills Amrezy Palette look
The palette consists of 10 beautiful buttery shades that blend like a dream and can easily take you from a day look to an evening look in an instant. The top row consists of 5 shimmery shades and the bottom 5 are matte.

Although Iridescent Purple and Emerald (the last two shades on the top row) seem slightly unexpected considering the fairly neutral nature of the palette, these are fab if you want to experiment with something different.

My personal favourites are Caramel and Morocco. Recently I've been using warm peachy & orangy shades so these two are just spot on.

Overall, I really enjoy using this palette despite having a lot of similar shades already. The packaging is fairly sturdy and compact so you can easily take it with you on your travels.

Have you tried this palette? Let me know what you think :)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Skindinavia Primer and Finishing Spray

Hey lovelies!

Make-up primer in a spray form is something that I have only recently discovered. Thanks to many bloggers and make-up artists who were raving about it, I've finally decided to try it out for myself.

Skindinavia products are not readily available for purchase in UK so I have bought the The Skindinavia Make-up Artist Oil Control Kit directly from their US website who (thank God!) ships to United Kingdom. The Kit included Oil Control Primer and Oil Control Finishing spray plus a little travel size bottle of the original Skindinavia finishing spray. The bottles are 8oz each and will last me quite a while although I use them on my clients with oily skin as well as myself on a regular basis.
To say that I was impressed would be an understatement! Both products work very well together.

Here're some facts about these products from :
"Lightweight primer spray contains no pore-clogging silicone.  We use a unique skin cooling technology to slow oil from moving to surface making sure everything stays perfectly held with smooth finish."
Makeup primer and finishing spray Skindinavia
"Our ultra-fine mist controls shine and keeps makeup in place for up to 16 hours. Skindinavia’s award-winning formula absorbs excess oil and keeps your makeup fresh and flawless preventing makeup from sliding or caking."
 I could not agree more with both of these statements. The primer definitely slows down oil production and minimises the appearance of pores without clogging them. Skindinavia Oil Control Finishing Spray keeps my skin nice and matte for most of the day without any need for touch ups. Most of the brides and clients I have used these products on agreed that their skin looked perfect for a long time even in a
very hot environment.
I can easily give these products 5 stars and since getting them I have not reached out for any of my existing oil control products and finishing sprays.

Until next time,
Anna x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Another wedding another stunning bride!

Hey lovelies!

Today I had the pleasure of working on another wedding at the beautiful Erchless Castle by Beauly, providing hair and make-up services for Angela and her bridal party. I just love the whole wedding atmosphere and it is so amazing to be part of such an important day in a couple's life!
The wedding was an intimate affair with only close friends and family present. It was a very relaxed morning and even a little light drizzle didn't dampen everybody's spirits.

Here's some photos :)